Amara Lebel

Welcome to my little corner of the world; a lady's den of depravity in which anything is possible. I am an Erotic Romance and ManLove author, and I want nothing more than to share my saucy stories with my fellow depraved sensualists. So please come, sit, relax and lose yourself in my tales of forbidden love and enchanted romance. 



Lothaire & Ellie

Lothaire - Kresley Cole

*gets the pom poms* Lothaire! Lothaire! The evil we love to hate…or is it hate to love? Whatever, he is amazing!


I must say, this is now my favourite book in the series. This crazed vampire, the Enemy of Old, or Leo as his human calls him, was a pleasure to read. He was deliciously disturbed, yet a sweetie at the same time. I enjoyed watching him try to come to terms with his feelings for Elizabeth, and his crazy. I equally enjoyed how Elizabeth would brush him off without a fear or a doubt. This heroine is one of my favourite to date. As is their relationship. They bounced off each other, infuriating and arousing the other to a high degree. Always hot, be it with rage or lust. Without a doubt the perfect match! Regardless of the trouble Saroya caused them.  


This is most definitely a must read for fans of the ancient sarcastic enigma that is Lothaire.

Declan & Regin

Dreams of a Dark Warrior - Kresley Cole

I wasn’t sure what to think of this installment when I had first heard about it. All I could think was “How is Kresley going to pull this off?” Declan is one of the most hated men in the Lore. Who in the right mind could love him… oh, yeah – Regin!


We all know, and love, this feisty Valkyrie. And throughout this instalment of the series it’s hard not to love her all the more. The ever cheerful and mischievous female shows us a completely different side to herself in this book. One which will tug at your heart-strings. And make you want to gut Declan slowly! Feed the hatred…


However, when Declan’s world changes drastically, he takes to his new life like a champ. He finally realises, and accepts, who he is the male does everything he can to make amends, and win over his love. It kind of makes it impossible for you to him. All in all it makes for a great read.

Malkom & Carrow

Demon From the Dark - Kresley Cole

In this installment the organisation who have been capturing immortals is revealed.  And what a pack of bastards they are! To prevent the demise of her coven, and family, Carrow is forced to capture a rare and deadly Lore creature. One that even the most powerful Lore being fear. Malkom, the half-vampire half-demon abomination. Yet again we are treated to an amazing read. Danger, action, betrayal, and love. I really enjoyed this book. I loved following Malkom as he tried to come to terms with his new world, and the love for a woman who hurt him greatly.


I also loved the ending, which I won’t say much about, but it was a flurry of death, revenge, and unwanted alliances.

Garreth & Lucia

Pleasure of a Dark Prince - Kresley Cole

This was another great edition to the IAD series. A true thrill ride. This duo have their fair share of hurt and dark secrets, and it is difficult not to get caught up in their romance. It took me a while to come around to Lucia. I initially found her to be quite selfish, and mean to poor Garreth. Yet as their story progressed and her secrets were revealed my opinion changed quickly.


As for the wolf himself – rawwr. Need I say more! I loved how he was determined to win his mate over, even when he was acting like a douchebag. He was protective, attentive, possessive, and Scottish. He literally went to Hell and back for his mate. And in turn, she done the same for him. Another must read book.

Murdoch & Danii

Untouchable - Kresley Cole

This story was somewhat similar to previous installments, and if I were to be honest I was a little disappointed that Murdoch wasn’t the lady-killer I thought him to be. However, it was still enjoyable. Short and sweet, yet packed with enough action and emotional turmoil to make it a hit with me. Murdoch and Danii’s romance was as rocky as everyone else’s, but they do find what they are looking for in the end - with a few added bonuses. It’s worth a read.

Rydstrom & Sabine

Kiss of a Demon King  - Kresley Cole

Such an amazing read! Enemies to lovers. I loved this.


In this instalment we meet the Demon King, and brother to Cadeon. Captured and imprisoned by his hated enemy, Rydstrom endures tortures unthinkable to a male like him. Especially as his so-called mate is the one doing it all. Sabine pushes him to the edge of insanity with her sexual wiles. Yet things get all the more interesting though when Rydstrom escapes. Let’s just say, Sabine gets a taste of her own medicine.


This story was somewhat similar to previous instalments, and if I were to be honest I was a little disappointed that Murdoch wasn’t the lady-killer I thought him to be. However, it was still enjoyable. Short and sweet, yet packed with enough action and emotional turmoil to make it a hit with me. Murdoch and Danii’s romance was as rocky as everyone else’s, but they do find what they are looking for in the end - with a few added bonuses. It’s worth a read.

Cadeon & Holly

Dark Desires After Dusk  - Kresley Cole

Cadeon *le sigh*


Every time I read one of these books I fall in love. This time with a rather crude, yet sexy, Demon prince. Cadeon is one of those characters that you can't help but love. Whenever he acted indifferent toward his fated mate, making him die a little inside each and every time, tugged at my heart-strings. His loyalty is tested throughout the whole book, making it one very emotional whirlwind of a read. Never mind the drastic life-style changes Holly has to over-come. Yet again we meet two fantastic characters struggling to come to terms with the difficulties, and love, thrown their way.

Conrad & Neomi

Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole

I am seriously in love with these Wroth brothers.

This installment of the series was a great read. A twisted romance between a ghost and a crazed vampire. The ups and downs of their relationship, and Conrad’s sanity, kept me roped in till the very end. It was impossible not to fall for these two unfortunate characters. Both with dark pasts and embarrassing secrets. Ones they over-came together. Their story is a true romance, and I hope to see more of them in future books.

Bowen & Mariketa

Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night  - Kresley Cole
I have no words...
This instalment continues where the last left the Hie. Following his bad behaviour - locking his friends and the witchling in the tomb - Bowen must go back to free them in order to avoid full out war! From here on out he has a hard time trying to get back into everyone's good books, especially Mari's. Action, adventure, lust and a plot twist to knock you on your butt! Not to mention a sexy Scottish Lykae. I worship you, Kresley Cole. 

Sebastian & Kaderin

No Rest For The Wicked - Kresley Cole

Sebastian Wroth *le sigh* 


Okay, this is yet another amazing instalment to the IAD series! There is so much drama, and giggles to be had, while following the characters as they participate in the Hie. Backstabbing, and Fist-fighting, and Lies, Oh My!  Never a dull moment. Mix this with Bastian and Kaderin's twisted love affair and you have the ingredients for one action packed, steamy read. 


Lachlain & Emmaline

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole

Tortured Lykae male. Innocent Vampire female. The makings of one amazing read!


From the very first chapter I was hooked. It is not your typical love story, their's is a relationship formed in fear and insanity which gradually develops into something magical. I was kept on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next between these two. Lachlain being all kinds of messed up just couldn't stop himself from ruining any good he had done. And Emma was just too shy and fearful to say any different. Yet it doesn't stay that way and this makes the story and characters all the more loveable. I absolutely love Kresley's world of the Lore.

Niko & Myst

The Warlord Wants Forever  - Kresley Cole

This is a great start to an amazing series. 


The Wroth brothers are among my favourite males within the Lore, yet I would have liked to have seen more of Nikolai in his story. I feel cheated that he only got a short story and not a full novel. The dark and mysterious Commander with sexy accent and brusk ways, driven insane by his fated Bride... what more could you ask for? I really enjoyed the plot and characters. The Valkyrie are amazing, and I love them! Frat-girls for eternity. Shame Myst wasn't as amazing as her sisters, however. Didn't change the fact that this was a great read. 

Qhuinn & Blaylock

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward

By far the best book in the series, and I am not saying that because I am biased... well, maybe a little, but still. I really enjoyed this installment of the series. I am a huge Qhuay fangirl and have been looking forward to reading this for a while now. It was an emotionally pact read which kept me on the edge of my seat! I was not disappointed, even though I did want more, I was just glad to see these two males finally get together.

I'm now eager to see where Layla's interest in Xcor will lead. How will a bonded male survive without his female!!?


Lover Reborn - J.R Ward

Once again I find myself disappointed, this is not what I expected. I found it difficult to connect with the main characters in this installment. I had wanted something better for both Tohr and Autumn, yet their book is full of half-truths and self-hate, and it was kind of depressing. This made it hard for me get caught up in their story as much as I did with the others. A shame really.

However, I did enjoy the scenes with Qhuinn, Blay, and Layla.




I was kind of disappointed with this book. I was expecting more for Payne and Manny. Their relationship wasn't as all empowering, emotional or fierce as the other Brother's were. It didn't hold my attention very well, I actually grew bored with them.


I was more interested in the V/Jane/Butch storyline. In all honesty it was the only reason I kept reading. I really enjoyed the intensity of it all, especially the scene in the penthouse between V and Butch. Hopefully the next installment will be an improvement.


Lover Mine - J.R. Ward

Another great installment to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. At first I wasn't sure about the whole JM/Xhex pairing, but as the story went on it was obviously clear that they were kindred spirits and destined for each other. This was yet another emotional read, these two have been through so much shit that it's heart warming to see them get their HEAs.

I also enjoyed the side stories. I am a huge Qhuay fangirl, the build up to their story is killing me! Lash is a twisted feck who in my opinion deserves his own book. And I'm interested to see how things will go for Payne. Must say, this was a really well written book with enough love, action, and suspense to keep everyone happy