Bodyguards - Kallysten

As usual Kallysten has yet to disappoint. This is the first installment in the QuickSilver Codex, and considering my love for the lady who wrote it, the only series that I have yet to read. It wont take me long to get caught up, however, especially if the next books are as great as this one.

There is no setting the pace with this lady. You are instantly roped into the story, caught up in the characters and their emotional struggles. I have yet to meet a character of Kally's which I didn't like. They are all beautiful, sensual men and women, plagued by their own demons and needs, who you can't help but fall in love with, - and Vivien and the twins are no exception.

You quickly find yourself becoming enraptured by them, eager for more, anticipating which path Kally will take them down next. In my opinion this is what makes for good reading. You are always pleasantly surprised, be it an action packed fight scene, or a more intimate one between the heroine and the object of her affections. The of course their are the brothers themselves, their relationship is one that had me intrigued and a little curious.

If you are anything like myself then you will be glued to your seat lost in your imaginings as Kally's words expand and grow into something amazing in your mind. The need to experience it all, and see the characters get their HEA will drive you insane.

This is definitely the makings of another amazing series, and one I would recommend you read.