Rydstrom & Sabine

Kiss of a Demon King  - Kresley Cole

Such an amazing read! Enemies to lovers. I loved this.


In this instalment we meet the Demon King, and brother to Cadeon. Captured and imprisoned by his hated enemy, Rydstrom endures tortures unthinkable to a male like him. Especially as his so-called mate is the one doing it all. Sabine pushes him to the edge of insanity with her sexual wiles. Yet things get all the more interesting though when Rydstrom escapes. Let’s just say, Sabine gets a taste of her own medicine.


This story was somewhat similar to previous instalments, and if I were to be honest I was a little disappointed that Murdoch wasn’t the lady-killer I thought him to be. However, it was still enjoyable. Short and sweet, yet packed with enough action and emotional turmoil to make it a hit with me. Murdoch and Danii’s romance was as rocky as everyone else’s, but they do find what they are looking for in the end - with a few added bonuses. It’s worth a read.