Dark Hunter Series



I started reading this series back in October, and I honestly just forgot to review the books as I went along. So, in a show of laziness, I am going to give a general review. The series started out great, Books 1 - 6 are among my favourite. I really enjoyed the ongoing storyline and the characters struggles. Not every romance can be rainbows and butterflies, and you see this in Kenyon's books. Each of her Hunter's has a dark past he needs to overcome, and it is enjoyable watching them get there.


Following book 6 things got a little meh for me. I honestly disliked the Dream Hunter instalments. I'm sorry, but I just found them too slow. I actually couldn't finish reading Upon the Midnight Clear or Dream Chaser. With the other books it was just hit and miss from me. I enjoyed Wren, Acheron, Seth, and Max's stories. And I loved Styxx. However, and it's a huge goddamn however, I think at times it could be a little too graphic. Apart from that, it was an amazing story. 


I look forward to seeing more from the Dragon's and of course Thorn! These male's have piqued my interest. 


(The four stars is an overall rating. I would give Books 1-6, 8, 15, 21, 24, 25 all four stars each. Book 23, who is Styxx, would be the only five star rating)