Cullen & Lusahn

Redeemed in Darkness - Alexis Morgan

I really enjoyed this instalment of the Paladin series. It took us to the other side of the barrier, and gave us a look into how the 'Others' live their lives, and why they are forced to cross into the other realm to die. Not only does it lead the Paladin's closer to figuring out what is happening with the blue stones, but it makes them see the 'Others' as more than just the crazed killers they believed them to be. And vice-versa for the Kalithians.


The more I read of this series, the more I like. The author always has a good balance of action and romance. And Cullen & Lusahn romance was great. They had been craving each other since their first encounter, and battle, at the barrier. Pining for the other. So when they meet again their attraction is instant. As is his need to possess and protect Lusahn and her children.