Larem & Sasha

Bound by Darkness - Alexis Morgan

Another great read from this series. I love how the author can keep us glued to the pages with this storyline. It just keeps evolving without becoming uninteresting or repetitive. And it isn't just about the romance. There is a strong paranormal aspect to this book, and as with the others, it is packed with action and suspense. 


In this instalment Larmen finally gets to find peace in the human realm. Having been forced across the barrier, he was finding it harder to adjust than his fellow Kalithians. He was met with hostility and discrimination from the guards, and even some of the Paladins. Yet he kept his head held high and fought with everything he was. I really like this character. I also have a soft spot for his woman. Head strong and stubborn, Sasha just seemed the perfect match for Larem. Their relationship had its ups and downs, but in the end true love won out, and they got a special kind of HEA.