D.J. & Reggie

The Darkness Beyond - Alexis Morgan

Finally, we see D.J. get his girl. I’ve been looking forward to this book since I started reading the series. From the beginning, I’ve had a soft spot for hyperactive geek of a hottie, and I felt for him as he watched everyone settle down and his life changed against his wishes.

Enter Reggie, hacker extraordinaire. Having been hired to find the ‘Nightwalker’ she forces herself into D.J.’s life, and against his better judgement, he shows up at her door planning to force her back out of it.

But things aren’t that easy. The corrupt Regents catch wind of her meddling in their files, and plan to use her in their betrayal of the Organisation. This is when things get a little crazy and D.J finds himself in the one place he’d rather not be!

As with all the other instalments, this one is packed with a healthy helping of romance, action, and suspense. It’s a great read that’s hard to put down.