Spooktacular Author Event


It's late October

You know it's Near

You feel the Cold

And know the Fear


Thirteen Hours

Thirteen Amazing Authors


Book Promo, Giveaways, Spooky Tales, and so much more! 

Join us for some Spooktacular fun this Halloween.

Hosted by Amara Lebel, Jacqueline Anne, and Casper Graham


Event Page - http://bit.ly/2yHbfqk



Participating Authors

8am - Casper Graham

9am - Maggie Walsh

10am - Teri Kay

11am -

12pm - Jennifer Stevenson

1pm - Amara Lebel

2pm - Bellann Summer

3pm - Cree Storm

4pm - Alexandra Marell

5pm - Jacqueline Anne

6pm - Cynthia Knoble

7pm - 

8pm - Bronwyn Heeley

9pm - Kallysten