Daylight Shooting Star

ひるなかの流星 1 [Hirunaka No Ryuusei 1] - Mika Yamamori

Review based on entire series.

Daytime Shooting Star is a very sweet, and addictive, love story which revolves around a teenage girl named Suzume Yosano. A natural beauty who is a bit of a tomboy, spontaneous, and somewhat clueless. Following big changes at home, she moves from the countryside into Tokyo with her uncle. Upon her arrival Suzume meets a stange young man who she initially tries to avoid, yet it turns out he is an acquaintance of her uncle’s. . . and her new homeroom teacher at school.

Shishio is a fun loving and very approachable guy. Always smiling and joking around. It’s easy to see why Suzume fell in love with him. That being said, however, when it came to his relationship with Suzume he came across as a very weak-willed and cowardly person. He failed to face his true feelings toward her, which ultimately broke her heart, even if it wasn’t his intention.

Mamura is a natural born tsundere; playing the mean guy when he was in fact a sweetheart. Despite his aversion to the opposite sex, he fell for Suzume instantly. He cherished Suzume, valued their friendship, and even sacrificed a lot to see her happy. 

Hence the Love Triangle developed. 

I really enjoyed this aspect of the story, as with everything else, it was beautifully written. Each relationship developed slowly. You could truly get a sense of all their emotions; the love, confusion, and frustration, the struggles and pressures each of them were experiencing throughout their journey. It was very realistic in terms of the growth of a natural relationship, and how they reacted to what was going on in their lives. Throughout all of this, Suzume still enjoyed the school-life of any other teenage girl. She made some amazing friends who were good to her, and supported and encouraged her time and time again. 

Overall, this was a beautiful story with beautiful art work and characterisation. There is so much to love about it. Definitely worth a read.