Watashi no Ookami-kun

That Wolf-Boy is Mine! 1 - Yoko Nogiri

Review based on entire series


Following her move to a new school, Komugi discovers a strange secret which places her firmly in the sights of the popular boys in her class. Due to being isolated in her previous school, Komugi hates the idea of drawing the wrong kind of attention to herself, but now she has no choice. The class idols, Ookami, Fushimi, Aoshi, and Senri, make a point of being involved in her daily life so they can keep their secret safe. 


As the story develops Komugi finds herself developing feelings for Ookami, and Fushimi notices. He doesn’t trust Komugi, so repeatedly tries to intimidate her in order to stop her from falling in love with Ookami. I didn't like his attitude at first, but it’s hard to be angry with him because he’s doing it to protect his friend. In the end, however, his threats mean very little as Ookami rejects Komugi wanting to remain friends only. 


This affects Komugi greatly, and strangely she finds comfort in the one place she never expected, Fushimi, who has slowly begun to fall for her. This time, it is Ookami who notices the relationship building between his friend and the girl of his affection, and it forces him to face his true feelings. But having been unable to cope with her emotions, thanks to Fushimi and Yata-sensei, Komugi runs home to her mother in Tokyo. The only good thing about this is that her absence finally pushes Ookami to do what he should have done to begin with. It gave me the feels. 


But Yata sensei has something to say about that, and sends Komugi and Ookami’s relationship into an unnecessary tailspin. -grumbles-


All in all, I really enjoyed this manga. It was light-hearted and sweet, with a charming little love-triangle thrown in to spice things up. It expresses the conflicting emotions experienced by teenagers as they go through their daily school lives, and fall in love. The artwork was beautiful, the story flowed easily, and the characters were all lovable.