Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12)

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12) - Kresley Cole *gets the pom poms* Lothaire! Lothaire! The evil we love to hate…or is it hate to love? Whatever, he is amazing!

I must say, this is now my favorite book in the series. This crazed vampire, the Enemy of Old, or Leo as his human calls him, was a pleasure to read. He was deliciously disturbed, yet a sweetie at the same time. I enjoyed watching him try to come to terms with his feelings for Elizabeth, and his crazy. I equally enjoyed how Elizabeth would brush him off without a fear or a doubt. This heroine is one of my favorite to date. As is their relationship. They bounced off each other, infuriating and arousing the other to a high degree. Always hot, be it with rage or lust. Without a doubt the perfect match! Regardless of the trouble Saroya caused them.

This is most definitely a must read for fans of the ancient sarcastic enigma that is Lothaire.