Dark Lover

Dark Lover  - J.R. Ward Wrath is one mean hunk of a vampire. Deadly, yet sexy. I really enjoyed watching him fight his self-hatred to fall for his Beth. His emotional turmoil ensured their relationship had some ups and downs; it was hard and fast, and the war with the lessers didn't help.

This was a great start to the series. The overall plot and characters kept me glued to the pages. I had some difficultly keeping up with all the street talk, but it didn't take away from the story for me. There were some great love scenes, and the fights were amazing. Really well written. It was hard not to fall instantly in love with these hard-talking, ass-kicking, sex-appeal dripping males. The way the author writes her characters enraptures you, and leaves you eager for more.

I can't wait to read more of their stories.