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I am an Erotic Romance and ManLove author, and I want nothing more than to share my saucy stories with my fellow depraved sensualists. So please come, sit, relax and lose yourself in my tales of forbidden love and enchanted romance. 



Katekyo! 3

Private Teacher! 3 - Yuu Moegi




This manga is a must read! It's so beautiful. I'm lost to it. I've actually read the entire collection in one sitting. But I need more. . . please!

Katekyo! 2

Private Teacher! 2 - Yuu Moegi




The second instalment of this manga was as great as the first. The storyline is keeping me intrigued, and I am so in love with the main characters!


Private Teacher! 1 - Yuu Moegi



I really enjoyed this manga. The storyline was interesting, and the art work is beautiful. I can honestly say that I will be checking out more of Moegi, Yuu's work 




     “I can live with that. The fact that you’ll try for me, is enough.”


     Cade’s chest ached at Blake’s words and the emotion in his pale eyes. If he weren’t careful, this male would be his undoing. It didn’t change the fact that he wanted him, though, and always would. He ached for him. “Blake, I need you.”


     “Yes, Mon Liege.” Moving back, Blake remained on his knees, casting his eyes downward as he moved into position. “I am yours to do with as you please.”


     “Such words, yet you have no idea what you’re asking for.” Cade stood, moving around his male as his body reacted to Blake’s willing submission. “You’d be nothing but a plaything to me. I would use your body, taking everything from you, and I wouldn’t go easy. I’d push you beyond your limits, force you to do things you normally wouldn’t. And then, when I’d exhausted your body and mind, I’d fuck you until you felt, nor knew, nothing but me. Think you can handle that, loup?”


     Blake groaned, squirming where he knelt on the bathroom floor. “Yes, Mon Liege.”


     Cade had to bite back the groan threatening to escape him. His male was something else, and he wanted him more than he had anyone else before him. “Bien, go to the playroom and get into position. You know the rules. I’ll be there soon.” Without uttering another word, Cade turned and left the room before he gave into his needs and took Blake on the bathroom floor like the animal he was.


     A few minutes later, he was standing by the open door, staring down at his new plaything where he was kneeling on the floor, naked and in position. He was so fucking beautiful, and an eager and obedient submissive. It pleased Cade greatly. He wanted to reach out and touch Blake, to praise him, but now was not the time. He was his Dominant right now, not his mate. So instead, he moved to stand by his head which was currently pressed against the hardwood floor. “You know the rules. Repeat them, word for word, otherwise, we stop here and now.”


     “I am unworthy of you, Mon Liege. I shall not look at you, nor will I touch you. I speak only when you give me permission to do so. I shall always refer to you as Mon Liege. And if I disobey, I will be punished.”


     Cade smirked, he was so proud of his mate, but he wasn’t about to tell him that. Not yet. Without saying a word, he walked past Blake to retrieve two pairs of cuffs from the cabinet. One leather, and the other steel. “Stand.” As Blake moved to do as he was told, Cade made his way back to his plaything’s side. “Bend over and grasp your ankles.” Cade stood at his back, watching appreciatively as he bent over. His ass was bared and open to him. Temptation.



Release Date: December 1st 2017



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Book Two in the Series


     Welcome to Balls & Chains, a BDSM Club for gay men. Cross the threshold and see the worlds of humans and shifters collide as these alphas dominate, and betas submit.


     Past sins have forced Cadeon Rosseau into isolation, his pack turning against him and casting him out. Self-hatred and mutilation made him the male he is today. An alpha in his own right, he prowls the rooms at Balls & Chains in search of the one who will either save him from himself or break him completely. Jaded and alone, he finds it difficult to pull away from the self-made hell which has become his life, until a new submissive garners his attention. . .


     Curiosity and a need for adventure lured Blake Copeland to the doors of the famous gay BDSM club. He craved distraction from his monotonous life and had been assured that he would find it there. Little did he know exactly how true that statement would be. Not only did Blake find what he was looking for, but he also left with a slightly unhinged mate in tow. 


     Will these two lone wolves find the strength to battle the obstacles in their path and build a future?



Release Date - December 1st 2017






Book One in the Series


       Cole Linley is a gay wolf-shifter. In order to appease the Alpha within, he has taken up the BDSM lifestyle and become very experienced. This placates his wolf to a certain extent, but his dearest wish is to find a mate—male, of course. Except, the question is, how to find one in a city surrounded by humans where other wolf-shifters are rare.


       Then, one night, he enters Balls & Chains, a BDSM club he frequents, and immediately senses another of his kind. And not only that, it is the scent of a potential mate, Jared Gray. There is only one problem—Jared is collared by another Master.


       Jared’s relationship shows all the signs of an abusive relationship. Can Cole get him away from the other Dom and show Jared the delights of BDSM when done properly and what it means to be a beta wolf to Cole’s Alpha?



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Sian & Lila

Wicked Abyss - Kresley Cole

I am a huge fan of this series, and I love that it is being extended and new characters are being added. I never want it to end. There's nothing worse than when that happens. . .

In this instalment we meet Sian and his fated Queen Lila. I have to admit, it took me a while to get into this, which has never happened before with one of Cole's books. It was all very Beauty & the Beast. And as much as I love that tale, I didn't want to see it in my adult-time reads. Regardless, once the story got going, I couldn't put the book down. As with all the other books there is loads of action, steamy encounters, and sassy/sexy characters. I ended up really liking these two, and Lila is one bad ass fey.

I look forward to seeing more of them in the future. . . I really wanna know what in the hell Nix is up to!

Emmett & Jana

Darkness Torn Asunder (The Paladin) - Alexis Morgan

This was a change from the other books in the series. It didn’t really revolve around the world of the Paladins, or their fight with the crazed Others and treacherous Regents. This instalment gave us a look into the life of a young Paladin who didn’t know he was a Paladin. One who wanted to live a normal life rather than believe that aliens are real and he was born to protect the world from them.

Following his release from prison, Emmett just wanted to live normally. Refusing to join the Seattle Paladins, he finds a job as a barman and falls in love with a feisty nurse who keeps him on his toes. It’s what he wanted, and he’s happy. However, the longer he’s in the area the more the barrier calls to him – driving him insane. This results in some dumb decisions being made, but it’s okay, he works it out in the end.

Shame it takes a crazed Other attack to make him realise where he really belongs. . .

I really enjoyed this instalment. As with all the other books, it kept me captivated. There is enough steamy romance, suspense, and action in this short story to make it a great read. My only complaint is that it was only a novella, and not a full novel. I'd like to see more of Emmett and his transition into the Paladin lifestyle.

Penn & Jora

Darkness on Fire - Alexis Morgan

In this instalment of the series Penn Sebastian finally gets a break! Unable to live his life as he wishes due to a debilitating injury, he’s forced to play watchman to the Paladin’s. Yet following a weird anonymous phone call, he gets the chance to go in and investigate. Turns out that the caller is actually a Kalith female who has an infinity for the rock, and who has discovered a plot to rob Earth of its resources in order to bring light to Kalithans. . . only problem is, it has the potential to destroy both worlds.

Action and suspense ensue as Penn and Jora, with the help of Barak and Larem, try to prevent the dangers brought on by the sickly barrier. And of course, there is the romance, as Jora brings out feelings of protection and love from her handsome Paladin. She makes Penn feel needed, secure in himself, and useful. Now if that doesn’t make for a good read, what does?

D.J. & Reggie

The Darkness Beyond - Alexis Morgan

Finally, we see D.J. get his girl. I’ve been looking forward to this book since I started reading the series. From the beginning, I’ve had a soft spot for hyperactive geek of a hottie, and I felt for him as he watched everyone settle down and his life changed against his wishes.

Enter Reggie, hacker extraordinaire. Having been hired to find the ‘Nightwalker’ she forces herself into D.J.’s life, and against his better judgement, he shows up at her door planning to force her back out of it.

But things aren’t that easy. The corrupt Regents catch wind of her meddling in their files, and plan to use her in their betrayal of the Organisation. This is when things get a little crazy and D.J finds himself in the one place he’d rather not be!

As with all the other instalments, this one is packed with a healthy helping of romance, action, and suspense. It’s a great read that’s hard to put down.

Larem & Sasha

Bound by Darkness - Alexis Morgan

Another great read from this series. I love how the author can keep us glued to the pages with this storyline. It just keeps evolving without becoming uninteresting or repetitive. And it isn't just about the romance. There is a strong paranormal aspect to this book, and as with the others, it is packed with action and suspense. 


In this instalment Larmen finally gets to find peace in the human realm. Having been forced across the barrier, he was finding it harder to adjust than his fellow Kalithians. He was met with hostility and discrimination from the guards, and even some of the Paladins. Yet he kept his head held high and fought with everything he was. I really like this character. I also have a soft spot for his woman. Head strong and stubborn, Sasha just seemed the perfect match for Larem. Their relationship had its ups and downs, but in the end true love won out, and they got a special kind of HEA. 

Hunter & Tate

Defeat the Darkness - Alexis Morgan

In this instalment we get to catch up with Hunter, the Paladin who had been tortured to death in Jarvis' book. Hunter is an ornery male who I have mixed feelings about. In one way I feel so bad about his circumstances, but in another I want to beat him for the way he treats Tate. He's not a horrible guy, just hurting, but at least he makes up for it in the end. And speaking of Tate, I love her. She's headstrong and stubborn. Fit for any hotheaded Paladin male.

As with other books, this one concentrates on the smuggling of the blue stones. And with the help of Larem, Barak, and a few of our favourite Paladins, Hunter is finally able to solve the mystery of who is betraying who. And I never seen it coming. . . 

Jarvis & Gwen

Darkness Unknown - Alexis Morgan

This the fifth instalment in the Paladin series, and even though it was a great book, it lacked something the previous books had in abundance. . . the romance. Jarvis and Gwen's relationship was a strenuous one from the beginning. They had some obstacles to overcome, mainly Jarvis' insecurities, but in the end they do end up together. It's just a shame we didn't see them get any more than a few chapters of the loved-ups.

Other than that we get to meet several new and interesting Paladins, who I hope we meet again in future books. And as with all the others we get a good helping of action and suspense. This is definitely a book I would read again.

Cullen & Lusahn

Redeemed in Darkness - Alexis Morgan

I really enjoyed this instalment of the Paladin series. It took us to the other side of the barrier, and gave us a look into how the 'Others' live their lives, and why they are forced to cross into the other realm to die. Not only does it lead the Paladin's closer to figuring out what is happening with the blue stones, but it makes them see the 'Others' as more than just the crazed killers they believed them to be. And vice-versa for the Kalithians.


The more I read of this series, the more I like. The author always has a good balance of action and romance. And Cullen & Lusahn romance was great. They had been craving each other since their first encounter, and battle, at the barrier. Pining for the other. So when they meet again their attraction is instant. As is his need to possess and protect Lusahn and her children.

Barak & Lacey

In Darkness Reborn - Alexis Morgan

Book three in the series, and in my opinion, the best so far. It has a Romeo & Juliet-esque feel to it. Barak, the enemy, and Lacey, the sister of a Paladin. Their attraction is instant, yet they try their hardest to deny their feelings for one another, and hide their relationship from the world for fear of being ostracised and ridiculed by those around them. These two have a lot of obstacles to overcome before they get what it is they truly want.


As with the previous books, the story involving the Regents and their dodgy dealings with the Others for 'blue stones' continues. So there is a good helping of suspense and action along with the romance, which makes for one hell of a read.

Blake & Brenna

Dark Defender - Alexis Morgan

This instalment continues where the first left off, so from page one we get nothing but suspense and action. The storyline grows in this book, giving us more into the Regents, the Others, and even to other branches of the Paladins.


Ah, Trahern, my favourite Paladin for so many reasons. I really enjoyed watching the steely-eyed warrior soften toward Brenna. And of course I loved what she done for Blake in the long run. I think they are a good couple, they compliment each other.


Overall, this is a great read.